About me


Who am I? Besides being a board game enthusiast?

Well, I’m a programmer with an interest in data science and artificial intelligence. I had the chance to work on pretty cool projects, ranging from artificial intelligence for video games, machine learning, language understanding, information extraction, and some serious data analysis for some big companies with a lot of freedom to explore data and extract some value out of it. At the moment I’m working from home, doing some consulting, and pursuing personal interests (like this blog!).

When I’m not behind a keyboard, I’m a proud dad of two young boys, one old enough to play complicated games with!

I also dabble in photography, so all the images on this blog will be my own if I can help it.

Otherwise, I love to travel and hike mountains, do some sport (like running), enjoy local beer, and watch the stars when I have the chance to leave the city.


Your Board Game Analyst – David